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Axel Hose,Program Director R.SH

„Even earlier than „5 to“ – That is what the auditors of R.SH now experience online due to the new NEWSCLOUD Connect Features: non-linear metadata for all newscasts: Topics, content and audio for web, applications and social media.“

Enno Santjer,Manager IT-Service Regiocast

"More than 300 different news blocks per day. Comprehensive on-site production in a Wide Area Network 24-7, 365 days a year. We can’t imagine that without NEWSCLOUD.“

Martin Liss,Program Director Energy Deutschland

"We investigate in Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich and Hamburg directly on the spot. Thanks to NEWSCLOUD we are able to integrate supplied national and international News(casts) perfectly."

Flexible news modules instead of rigid blocks

News blocks have been around since broadcast news began. Today, we’re working smarter. Cutting edge news production is based on the automobile industry’s modular system. Many different modules combine to make a unique car. With NEWSCLOUD, a variety of modules can be combined for a highly individualized newscast. The editor writes and records specific news reports based on workflow schedules. Updates are produced only as needed. Finally, with a few clicks, the various modules are assembled into a single newscast. Repeat elements, such as greetings, time hacks, and package specific formats, as well as the safe transfer of the end-product to the broadcast system, are all managed by NEWSCLOUD.

It is also extremely convenient to broadcast regularly scheduled, regional newscasts. And if you need breaking news, NEWSCLOUD has a state-of-the-art, live presenter on board.

Here's a video example from a nation news service.

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Build your News

Every day, nearly 9 million listeners tune into newscasts produced with NEWSCLOUD. Thanks to its modular concept and total freedom of structure, design, sound, and content, each news product is unique, because no two NEWSCLOUD users are exactly the same. NEWSCLOUD provides the same high standard of performance whether it’s youth radio or classical broadcasts, special interest or national markets.

NEWSCLOUD makes more possible

Previously unaffordable self-produced or externally provided product is now possible. News as individual as you are. NEWSCLOUD gives you the freedom to configure your content, packaging, greetings, length, and more. Editorial freedom suited to your timetable. And as program director, freedom from resource constraints. Just voice the report and drop it into the matrix. NEWSCLOUD takes care of the rest.

A fully-packed tool box for every need

An entire newscast production in one system. NEWSCLOUD lets you manage every step of production, from research to incoming news, from processing to planning and audio production, with secure distribution and tranmission control. Whether you go live or near-live. With your own editorial staff or a service provider.

  • Connect - Function
Cutting edge planning matrix for news and topics: All the planned reports for the broadcast day on a single timeline. Makes child’s play out of hand-over with drag & drop story transfers between shifts and stations. Improves journalistic quality through better continuity.
Incoming news reports are integrated from all possible sources: News service feeds, email, FTP, automatic RSS grabbing, and website display. Enables efficient organization and research in one single system.
Personalized display for incoming reports. Individual filtering helps everyone keep their cool when an excess of information floods in. Because each user can choose how to view the selected information, it creates an optimal work surface.
Various broadcast assistants, for example, the easily configured SPEECH RADAR. Based on an individual’s speaking rate, text times are estimated during writing. The broadcast assistant automatically ensures that the planned length of the broadcast fits within the predetermined time constraints and that all topics requirements are met.
The Presentation Module is packed with innovative helpers. For example, the SKIP option during the integration of sound bites into news reports. Instead of waiting for the entire sound bite to play in, SKIP allows you to hear the beginning end of the quote, while we work in the background to integrate the entire sound bite. The unique NEXT and REDO controls for report voicing offer maximum speed by minimizing the source of errors.
Individualized news ticker for each user with open choice of sources and terms. Gives researchers peace of mind to work without being interrupted by every update on the ticker.
Automatic compilation of individual reports eliminates the need to read through the entire newscast each hour. Users who don’t always present live newscasts can better pace their editorial workflow. Reports are voiced according to the user’s timeframe. NEWSCLOUD automatically assembles the complete newscast and delivers it on time.
The CLOUD is the basis for virtual teamwork among various stations and geographically separate news departments. Everyone who works with NEWSCLOUD can access and edit all elements. Naturally, that feature can be configured to meet the user’s needs. So news pools for radio stations and regional studios can collaborate in real-time with a central editorial staff. And for radio organizations with a decentralized structure, regional reports are efficiently integrated into the main product while maintaining local editing capabilities.
An incredible production module for timed and sub-regional newscasts. Including voice coaching for rate of speech based on the master region, a configurable To-Do List, intelligent Time Stretch and an Auto-Fill manager.
The connect module converts audio newscasts into non-linear multimedia content. Display the topics of the coming broadcast in your app? Listen to single newscast topics again? Twitter newscasts? Thanks to connect everything will be generated and tailored automatically from your pool of topics.

News production, networked and distributed in a new way

Divided labor produces better news. NEWSCLOUD connects decentralized editorial departments. With NEWSCLOUD, editors can write regional news reports and insert local sound-bites, while hundreds of kilometres away the broadcast is voiced at a central location. All with full editorial control of the end product. With NEWSCLOUD, the team works together by working within one integrated system.

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Das Video zu Newscloud

Next level news producers nationwide

Every day, nearly 9 million listeners tune into newscasts produced with NEWSCLOUD. Thanks to its modular concept and total freedom of structure, design, sound, and content, each news product is unique, because no two NEWSCLOUD users are exactly the same. NEWSCLOUD provides the same high standard of performance whether it’s youth radio or classical broadcasts, special interest or national markets.

  • R.SH
  • delta radio
  • Radio NORA
  • R.SH
  • Energy NRJ
  • Klassik radio
  • sunshine live
  • ego FM
  • 95.8 MALLORCA FM
  • Apollo Radio
  • Top100station
  • alsterradio
  • radiohna
  • radio38
When the “voice of the north” first started broadcasting in 1986, it was the first private radio station in Germany covering an entire region. Ever since, R.SH has served listeners with the latest regional, national and world news. Every hour, 5 minutes to the hour.
Delta is the station for smart, young listeeners in northern Germany. Its cool and alternative approach is also applied to news content, which is geared to the needs of a young audience without compromising on quality.
An eye on the baby boomers, a heart for music. Its focus on reliable and up-to date information and news makes Radio Nora the station of choice for northern Germany's mature listeners.
Real music, authentic presenters, delivering for two markets: BOB! reaches its home region Hessen via FM and at the same time covers the whole of Germany on digital radio. Tailor-made news is provided for both audiences, produced hourly through NEWSCLOUD.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s first private radio station uses NEWSCLOUD to produce news with highest regional relevance. Complementary national and world news are sourced from a central newsroom.
The home of Saxony's local radio legends Böttcher & Fischer. The station's indomitable sense of humour is complemented by seriously well-researched and presented national, regional and local news.
ENERGY is the contemporary music source for young audiences across Germany's urban centres. All stations cover local news with their own teams of radio journalists. Through NEWSCLOUD, national news is sourced from a central newsroom.
For more than two decades one of the most successful stations in the state of Saxony. PSR captures the soul of Saxony and its journalists have their ear to the ground all over the region. Regional news is enhanced by national and world news through NEWSCLOUD.
Broadcasting on digital and FM frequencies in many regions and with national cable coverage, Klassikradio boasts impressive reach. It even has expanded beyond the German borders as Austrians can now also enjoy its fine selection of classical music and quality content.
Covers all of Germany via cable, digital radio and the Internet. In Baden-Wuertemberg, SSL broadcasts on its own FM frequency. News customised in NEWSCLOUD meet the needs of its different audiences.
Mainstream-free, Ego FM is the platform for new music and quality radio content in the South. Targeting young, trendy and urban listeners, the station is on air in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Würzburg and Regensburg.
The German language radio service serving the nation's favourite sunshine island Majorca (Spain). Striving to provide content relevant to holiday-makers and permanent residents alike, local news are combined with German national and world news sourced from NEWSCLOUD.
Apollo radio's tagline says it all: "Stay different". Its mix of classical music, Soundtracks, Soul and Jazz plus high quality Newscasts from NEWSCLOUD make that difference.
Top 100 provides the perfect soundtrack for Generation “online”. The station offers offbeat entertainment, exclusive DJ sets, together with modern news for a young audience.
Alsterradio has become somewhat of an institution in the old Hanse town of Hamburg. An integral part of the city, the station's news team and DJ's both know their beats. NEWSCLOUD links the station to national and world news.

Created especially for news professionals

People in the news business know their software requirements best. To help them produce news in a new way, we developed NEWSCLOUD together with news professionals who are now using the program. Each has a favourite feature. Through NEWSCLOUD they’ve found a way to work more efficiently and effectively.

Carolin Wöhlert

Carolin Wöhlert News Presenter since 2010,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Carolin Wöhlert love about NEWSCLOUD?

Time pressure is a thing of the past. I can reliably serve my clients and update dynamic news anytime.
Andreas Otto

Andreas Otto News Presenter since 1990,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Andreas Otto love about NEWSCLOUD?

As a reporter I can plan a broadcast-ready package for the next presenter and final edit.
Anne Brauer

Anne Brauer News Presenter since 2010,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Anne Brauer love about NEWSCLOUD?

With the planning matrix I keep control of news stories as they update.
Christian Nicolaisen

Christian Nicolaisen News Presenter since 2011,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Christian Nicolaisen love about NEWSCLOUD?

I have all the agency input that I need in one program, so I can write, produce, and send my reports - what more could I want?
Christiane Hampe

Christiane Hampe News Presenter since 1992,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2009

What does Christiane Hampe love about NEWSCLOUD?

The Planning matrix as centerpiece of the system proves to be an efficient workflow which allows more time for background research, interviews and editing the latest news.
Christiane Stiefel

Christiane Stiefel News Presenter since 2003,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2010

What does Christiane Stiefel love about NEWSCLOUD?

Each user can create a personalized virtual desktop according to their needs.
Dennis Schwalm

Dennis Schwalm News Presenter since 2012,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Dennis Schwalm love about NEWSCLOUD?

Even if a client has technical problems, the news will go on. The whole production can be converted to an MP3 with a mouse click and sent by email.
Heike Jäger

Heike Jäger News Presenter since 2000,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Heike Jäger love about NEWSCLOUD?

As regional reporter I can deliver content to the main presenter when needed and at the same time work on regional news.
Jan Altmann

Jan Altmann News Presenter since 2007,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Jan Altmann love about NEWSCLOUD?

The integrated Time Stretch function enables the easy production and integration of specialized regional news content.
Julian Marxen

Julian Marxen News Presenter since 2007,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Julian Marxen love about NEWSCLOUD?

Even if I only work once a week I always know what I have to do, because the matrix guides me through the shift.
Melissa Kahlau

Melissa Kahlau News Presenter since 2006,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Melissa Kahlau love about NEWSCLOUD?

I always know what each member of the team is working on, so I can concentrate on my area. That improves our effeciency.
Patrick Seidel

Patrick Seidel News Presenter since 2010,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Patrick Seidel love about NEWSCLOUD?

With Newscloud even complicated news products can be easily compiled - I can just concentrate on the essentials: researching, writing and speaking.
Soenke Röhling

Soenke Röhling News Presenter since 2004,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Soenke Röhling love about NEWSCLOUD?

Editors in specialized subject matter can integrate their work with the central editorial department with no problem.
Sven Brosda

Sven Brosda News Presenter since 2006,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Sven Brosda love about NEWSCLOUD?

I no longer need to keep in mind the requirements of different clients because the matrix handles that within a template, wthout limiting my editorial freedom.
Tim Bridstrup

Tim Bridstrup News Presenter since 2006,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2010

What does Tim Bridstrup love about NEWSCLOUD?

The ability for different stations to work together is particularly easy with NEWSCLOUD.
Verena Dittrich

Verena Dittrich News Presenter since 2011,
in NEWSCLOUD since 2012

What does Verena Dittrich love about NEWSCLOUD?

During "hot" news situations I can rely on a news pool and concentrate on the dynamic development of the story.

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